The 2020 Challenge


The New York Times’ Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist, Josh Haner spent four years documenting the effects of climate change in various locations across the world in, “Carbon’s Causalities.” His New York Times series explores the ways climate change is displacing people around the world.


Learning about how these dramatic changes are reshaping the world, make up to three recommendations to a specific policy leader in your country or economy (government, philanthropy, business, NGO, etc.). The brief should include how to mitigate or adapt to the effects of climate change. Refer in particular to the key factors contributing to climate change in your economy and the risks to people’s lives.  


In no more than 800 words, present and justify your recommendations to disrupt these contributing factors to climate change. How do you know your proposed solutions will make an impact? Consider the resources necessary.


  • ​Winning entry will be published in The New York Times International, Asia Pacific edition.

  • The New York Times-APRU trophy

  • Work showcased across various APRU platforms, including, events, publications, and website.

  • New York Times gifts.

  • 4-week digital subscription to The New York Times for all participants.



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